Max/MSP externals


Returns the list and number of markers present in a sound file. The position of the markers is available in ms or sample. It works with WAVE, AIFF and sdII files in pre Max5 versions.

Max 7.0 or later

Max 6.1.9 or later

Max 6.1 or later

Max/MSP 5.0 or later, Mac only

Max/MSP 4.6 or later, Mac only

Max/MSP 3.5.9 up to Max/MSP 4.5.7, Mac only

[mxj filesys]

a Java class to move, remove or rename a file. It can also create a new folder, remove an empty folder and check the existence of a file.
And thanks to Peter Nyboer from Livid, it is also possible to create a copy of a file.

Since Max8 and the inclusion of NodeJS, you can get similar functionnalities with [node.script n4m.max-fs.js].

[mxj sntpMaxClient]

a NTP client. See for the original code.


Returns the current day of week. Since Max4.5, this object is obsolete, it can be replaced by [mxj now].

2 externals for JLCooper's CS10

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